Save the world

I guess the best thing to do, besides suicide, is to refuse doing something. No creating whatsoever. So my idea is to raise money eg from crowd funding a la: Give me money and I will minimize my doings. No unnecessary consumption of senseless stuff or services, just a tiny apartment, a bit of food and the absolutely minimum of clothes. Besides I will just be there, watch the world go by and wait for death. Wouldn’t that be great? Especially for the environment? Ahhh and I won’t reproduce, meaning no sex with penetration.


Listened to an organ concert today that took place inside st jacobi church in Hamburg.

Impressive sounds – it is easy to imagine how poor peasants must have felt in the old ages while hearing this music. Plus colorful windows, essence and sermons that threatens you with hell if you not obey the rules of the holy church and their representatives on earth.

Glad the cristian churches don’t have this much power today, but the general madness of believing in fairy tales of imaginary friends (celestial North Korea – praise to Christopher Hitchens who coined this term) still lives on.

Dare to think for yourself. Or soon you are not allowed to think anymore.